Dramatic rebel victory.

A strong rebel coalition give battle to the Baron of Krell and his legionaries. The rebels are represented by gallic warbands and hoplite infantry. The Vilmirians are represnted by the Republican Romans. Aprox 11 000-12000 soldiers on the rebel side and 9000-10000 on the Vilmir side.

Nothing went as planned for both sides in the battle. The Rebels had clearly underestimated their own cavalry and overestimated their oponents cavalry. When engaged they proved very strong, as i had feared. The Vilmir side had to engage the cavalry when the left flank failed in their task.

Despite the “high aggression” trait and superior troops, and the fact that the enemy divison was broken, the Vilmir left could not prevail. This was a large part due to unlucky order dice and some blasted skirmishers doing way more damage than is the norm. With both centers in hard fighting and the right center unable to engage early with the rebels, the battle plan fell apart. The resulting cavalry charge on the rebel left was a disaster for the Vilmir forces.

All in all a very fun game with all major protagonists present for the glorious moments. Hard losses on the Vilmir side due to pursuit and many cavalry units left them at aprox 4500 dead as opposed to the rebels aprox 1200-1500 dead.

Both armies have now bloodied themselves severalt times and we reward them with optional veteran abilities as “stubborn” etc.


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